Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sky SOHO - Shanghai, China

A design for a new office and retail destination that aims to provide a strong visual identity close to Hongqiao Transportation Hub near Shanghai’s city centre and Hongqiao Airport .

Our proposal for the new Linkong SOHO building aims to provide a strong visual and programmatic identity which establishes a unique destination in its own right.
Such identity consists of an exclusive programme mix consolidated in three different destinations – thematic “Courtyards” – representing distinct clusters of activities, and an exceptional architecture that moulds such a programme into a landmark. The building’s dynamic, curvilinear form continues through its internal spatial experiences, dramatic courtyards and flowing public spaces.
The building envelope is defined by  four elongated elements tied together by a sinuous retail podium and a continuous metallic ribbon that wraps them – a calligraphic gesture which will be highly recognizable. Such simplicity is contrasted by the added complexity of a ‘squeeze’ applied to the middle area. These moves have the double advantage of configuring intimate courtyards framed by bridges branching off the slabs, and provid­ing dramatic and dynamic views.

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