Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Shrinkearn (Link Shortner) Review -Is It Legit?

ShrinkEarn (Link Shortening) Review 

Today we will be doing a review of the site called ShrinkEarn, a high paying CPM URL shortening service. They are one of the fastest growing URL shortening services on the web. They claim to offer up to $20 per 1000 views. With a minimum rate being $3.2.

What link shorteners do is convert a web address or URL to a shortened or condensed version. The users of link shortener services simply copy and paste the URL into the service. The Service will then do the conversion and display it for the user. Usually, the shortened URL is 8-20 characters. When someone clicks on the shortened link they will be redirected to the full URL before it was shortened.

What Paid Link Shorters Do 

  • Everything Normal Link Shorters do.
  • Plus Get Paid! Yes, paid link shorters services like ShrinkEarn pays you to shorten URLs with them.   Each time someone clicks on your link you get paid.

Is It Legit Or Scam?

Currently, ShinkEarn is a legit service paying their users a high rate for using their service. However, at the time of this review, their site has only been around for few months. Services like theirs often start out paying users and everyone is happy. Then out of nowhere a few months later disappear and not pay the remaining balances to users. Going from being legit to a scam in a hurry. Not saying this will happen with them but something to be mindful of.

Link Tracking

This URL Shortening service offers Live Stats that allow you to see how well your links are doing at any time.

Mode of Payments

ShrinkEarn offers Six different payment methods.
- PayPal
- Payza
- Skrill    
- Paytm
- Bank Transfer (This method is only available for users in Indian)

Minimum Withdrawal 

The minimum withdrawal is $5. But that is only for Paypal, Paytm, and UPI. For Payza, Skrill, and Bank Transfers its $20.  They also pay their users daily as long as they reach the minimum withdrawal limit.


They offer a very high 25% rate for referrals. This is one of the highest rates I've seen for publishers.

To use our referral


Users cannot use bots or any other type of automation software. You are not allowed to redirect traffic to your website. Your site cannot be what may be considered spam. That includes sites with adware or malware. Also, your site cannot be related to Faucet, gambling, PTC, adult content, Torrent, or any other spam-like content. They also do not allow you to create multiple accounts. If they detect your visitors aren't coming organically you will be penalized.

How Much Will Does ShrinkEarn Pay?

Their CPM rates will depend on numerous factors such as country and number of clicks. Overall they do pay a very generous amount compared to many of the competitors.

Currently, ShrinkEarn is a legit service that is paying their users handsomely for clicks. That being said I would not be shocked if they disappeared tomorrow. That is just how things often go with services like these. That does not mean a few years from now they won't be around and doing great. What that does mean is you probably should cash out as often as possible just in case. If you can't afford to lose possible revenue, maybe you should look at a more established link shortening service like Ad Fly.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Butterfly Valley at Faralya, Turkey (Amazing & Beautiful World)

The Butterfly Valley near Fethiye is a hidden gem of Turkeys Turquoise Coast. Deep, steep and accessible only by boat or via the Lycian Way walking trail, which is advised against. The Valley has only been visited in the last twenty or so years before that it was reletively untouched and unknown. Luckily due to the valley being inaccessable it has kept intact and pure.

The valley is located at the base of Babadag mountain and is protected by the World Heritage Foundation. It gets it\'s name from the unique butterfly species, who have up until recently been the only residents in the valley for thousands of years. There are over 60 different species of butterfly in the valley some appearing in the day time and others only venturing out at night. There are many rare butterflies and for those who are entusiasts there is a small museum located in the valley dedicated to giving more in depth information about the species that can be found there.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Vine Snake

vine snake, any of several venomous, rear-fanged snakes of the family Colubridae that have slender bodies, narrow heads, and pointed snouts.
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