Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Casa Bubble House for Outdoor Visuals


Spend a protected night in nature inside your very own Casa Bubble House. The concept is the product of a partnership between two French designers, Frederic Richard and Pierre-Stephane Dumas.
The sci-fi modules are pressurized from the inside making them akin to an adult jump house -- minus the bounce, and full of sophistication (including thermostat and lighting temperature controls). There are also a variety of different modules available using both transparent and semi-transparent fabric for those looking for a little privacy while out in the open.

Each Casa Bubble structure comes with a wood floor. Rooms are large enough for king size bed with plenty of room for some additional furniture pieces.

The bubbles give its residents a complete panoramic view of the great outdoors.

The Bubble Room is semi-transparent, offering its guests some privacy along with a panoramic view of the sky. A couple visits a "bubble room" on July 26, 2011 in a parc of Roubaix, northern France. The bubble room made with recycled plastic and kept under pressure by a silent blower can be rent as an hotel room in the middle of the nature. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUE

The Casa Bubble House has rooms large enough to comfortably hold a king size bed


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